It's about the wedding, not a photoshoot. 


I don't run overly posed and fussy photo sessions. And great pictures shouldn't mean you miss out on your wedding because you're spending hours away from your family and friends with an overlong photoshoot.

As a lifestyle photographer, I find the lovely little moments happening in front of me. For the couple's portraits, I keep things light, we'll have a few laughs, and then get you back to your party. 

By the end, you'll have a fantastic gallery that represents you both as a couple, and also captures all the fun and drama of your big day. 


A family portrait should be more than just smiling at the camera and saying "cheese!"
Portraiture should capture the little spark that makes your family remarkable and unique. You can dress up or dress down. We can take a hike or go for a city stroll. Whatever story you feel expresses your family best.


My portrait sessions are relaxed and playful. After all, we're not doing passport pictures, we're not doing a cover of Vogue; we're creating memories where years from now when your little ones are older, everyone can fondly reflect on a moment in time. 




Looking for engagement pictures? Or a cool way to celebrate the relationship you're in? 

But maybe you're a little hesitant about being in front of the camera. 


I keep all of my portrait sessions breezy, casual, and fun. I take a purposefully button-down approach that feels less like a production, and more like we're just friends hanging out.


It's not just about pretty pictures; it's about authentic photographs. Creating a vibe where couples can relax and just be themselves makes for better photos.

...and it's way more enjoyable too!



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